Saturday, 1 October 2011

Based On Trust

I have been going for job hunting for the past 2 weeks and hopefully it will be a fruitful one in this coming third week. Good luck to me! I think most of my friends are still wondering when is going to be their real job going to come...

Hmmm.. My mum will always screw me when I say "Based on Trust". Because whenever anyone (even my sisters) asks me for something, I will normally fulfill what they wish most of the time without considering any other things. For example, money! Perhaps that's the reason I am so poor always! @.@ Maybe my mum just doesn't want me to be too naive to people around me at this age. But to me, TRUST is always the main pointer to become good friends or to build a good relationship. But once the trust is broken, that's the end for a friendship because FAITH is no longer exist within the individuals. Besides, it can also be directed to some groups or structures other than individuals. So, that's why people always say "A relationship is easy to build but it's always difficult to maintain"! Do you agree?!

Oh ya, negative income for me! But I still have "something" to add into my collections... This year's issues from England!

 Enjoy and have a nice weekend...

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