Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What An Event to End the Day

Sometimes people can be so ignorant, they can just screw you up like a mad dog even with a small matter. Argh. Just like yesterday. A patient came and complained about one of his medicine always has shortage. So, the first thing in his mind was "we stole his medicine" and thought that someone has taken his medicine to "earn something". With this kind of thoughts, it has compromised my profession and it was really depressing! God damn it! For goodness sake, why can't we both negotiate calmly and find for a solution rather than threatening me. Luckily my colleague was there to help and actually concluded that it was the manufacturer's fault. Gosh, I felt that it was really stupid to show his "stupudity" in such an ignorant way. I guess he was the one who was not professional AT ALL. Anyway, I just hope that it doesn't stray me away from continuing to serve this community. 

Cool cool... Learn "to forgive and forget" is the best remedy to keep myself young!

I can't imagine that time passes so fast and Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Counting down with 10 days and I will be leaving this place for a short period to get some New Year enjoyment before coming back here again. I guess this is my current motivation to work in this coming 2 weeks. Hopefully I can "pump" (put on weight) myself up before going back, so that my mum won't be that worry about my life over hereby evaluating me physically! Ha-ha. 

It's now 8 something in the morning. Still have about 6 hours to start work. Yawn*

Enjoy and have a nice day...

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