Sunday, 8 January 2012

Trip to Manukan and Mamutik Islands

After such a long planning for island hopping, my friends and I finally made a trip to the islands on New Year's morning. Luckily the weather and the wave of the sea were good enough to sail to the islands. As to travel to these islands, we took the speedboat from Jesselton Point. To travel to an island (Manukan Island) actaully costed us about RM20 but we paid an additional of RM10 to make a trip to another island (Mamutik Island). For snorkeling kit, RM10 was added on. TIPS: Remember to negotiate for the best price before buying your ticket. So, here's the port and there were some of the speedboats at the platform. 

But before we left the port for the speedboat, RM7.20 was charged for the port fee. So, in total we paid RM47.20 for trips to 2 islands and the snorkeling set.

It took us about 15-20 minutes to reach Mamutik Island but that was not our first destination because we need to drop of some passengers at that island before we could go the Manukan Island. After dropping them off, we proceeded to Manukan Island. To travel between these 2 islands, it took us about 5-10 minutes. Upon reaching the island, the feeling was so good and my next thought was to jump into the crystal clear sea water. Gosh. It was really a paradise to leave behind your work and seek for relaxation and calmness. 

Nice view of the mini port and there is another nearby island, Sulug Island

While I was at the sea with my other 2 friends, one of my friend actually took my camera and scouted around the island. So, here are some of the interesting parts of the island. 

Chalets for tourists 

Life guards at every corner of the island, guarding the snorkeling area 

Sea-walking! If I not mistaken, it costed about RM250 for adult, RM200 for children

Nice view of the Mount Kinabalu from the island 

Restaurant on the island 

There's also a football field but I wonder who on earth would be playing over here =)

Last picture for Manukan Island

So, our journey to the next island continued. We were backed to Mamutik Island for more snorkeling. =) Manukan Island is slightly bigger than Mamutik Island but you can see more things on Mamutik Island. To explore and enjoy snorkeling on this island, 2 hours was not enough for me. So, remember to spend more time on this island and take the later speedboat back to the mainland. 

Upon reaching, we were required to pay RM3 for the conservation free of the park

Besides being as a normal island, it is also a national park known as Taman Tunku Abdul Rahman

So, a group picture before we jumped in into the water 

Besides taking the traveling package only, you may opt to go for some better packages e.g. buffet lunch included on the island. I am not sure about the price but I don't think that it is more than RM50. 

 So, what are you waiting for!! =)

Just for fun!!! =) 

Burial ground on the island

So, that's about it. And please take note, don't travel on the speedboat when the sea is rough. Because you will be wet again when you reach the mainland. =)

Enjoy and have a nice day.

P.S. one down and I have 7 more places to go. 


1. Manukan and Mamutik Islands (done)
2. Mantanani Island
3. Pulau Tiga, Survivor Island
4. Kundasan
5. Mount Kinabalu
6. Tip of Borneo, Kudat
7. Labuan
8. Brunei

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