Tuesday, 24 January 2012

I Will Miss My 2012 Chinese New Year

Returning home with Chinese New Year mood was really exciting. Leaving behind tedious workload in the hospital and spending quality time with friends and family were my only objectives for the past 3 days. I have never put in mind about going to KK on the 24th not until today. Argh. Ok, now I got my lesson for not applying any annual leave! So I guess I will be going back to KK not till the Chinese New Year is finished next year. Anyway, no point of thinking back. Just look forward for my next trip back to KL.

I really want to thank to all my friends which I was able to meet up with. So, just to recall back a few interesting ones;- 

(1) out-door photo-shooting session with my family, 
(2) met up with U'mates at a Japanese restaurant and even one of them purposely came all the way from Seremban,  
(3) a decent family dinner at a Western restaurant, 
(4) beers to cheers for friendship with buddies on Saturday night, 
(5) had dim sum with futsal kaki on a Sunday morning, 
(6) last minute shopping with my same old brother, 
(7) went to cinema with my whole bunch of cousins after reunion dinner, AND 
(8) face-time gambling with my friend from UK. 

Though there are still many more which I didn't manage to meet up, hopefully there is still a day which we can meet up! Life is short, appreciate everything around you especially your love ones! Time is always precious, make sure that every second is spent wisely!

Enjoy and have nice day...

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