Monday, 13 September 2010

Life After Death Is Not About Sadness

I like to see the SEA, the very blue sea. I am sure that many people would like it too! It is always calm, relaxing and you will have a peace of mind when you hear the sounds of the waves hitting the shore.

When I was on my journey back to KL, I saw something very interesting. I saw a mother with her small little child throwing ashes of "someone" by the sea. It didn't seem to be a very sad occasion for them. Maybe I was just assuming that they were setting a person free "after death". It's good that they can really accept the fact. Life, it is a cycle which one will live生, aged老, sicked病 and die死. I am sure that you and I will go through the same cycle. It is all in His hands. I remembered when my grandma passed away, I was very sad because I was close to her. Same went to my mum.

But when I heard the song,

"Just a closer walk with thee,
grant it Jesus this my plea;
daily walking close with thee,
let is be dear Lord, let it be..."

I knew that she was with Him already.

Cry is not a sin but SADNESS is definitely a defeat to you! It is really hard to control emotions especially in occasions which our love ones leave us behind. But we must always think from another point of view. It may be a good thing e.g. taking away all his/her sufferings if he/she returns to God's kingdom. Or maybe He knows that he/she is "tired" already and it is time to "leave" But our life still goes on. And when we die, I am sure that we would not want people around us to cry for us as well. So keep in mind that, death is no more a new thing for us. It is alright to be sad during mourning period, but don't let emotions overpower yourself for long time.

Enjoy and have a nice day...

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