Friday, 3 September 2010

Lives Which Deserve To Live

I remembered watching 1 documentary yesterday. It was about the love of the parents for their crippled daugther. It was not about losing 2 limbs only, but it was also about the matter of life and death whereby the small little girl was having other disorders as well. It seemed that she will suffer even opt for surgery to rectify the problem and high chances of mortality as well. The parents were in a very confused state but luckily they were still optimistic about what is given to them.

But some people are not thankful about what God given to them! Child abuse, baby/ foetus dumping and abortion are now becoming a "trend". I remember once seeing "baby dumping" headlines for 3 consecutive days on the newspaper. All of these were mainly due to having sex before married, ignorant young couples, no proper family planning etc. This is mainly because they have the thought that it is actually a burden to them. But did they thought of that before having sex? So the easiest way is to flush down the toilet bowl or throwing in the dustbin. They wouldn't think of cruelty at this point of time!

When there is any unintended pregnancy, the girls will always get the blames. How about the guys? Is leaving the girl aside is the end of his responsibility? Think about it! Be a real man!

Have a nice weekend..

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