Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Just Don't Learn Their Lessons

I just missed a show when I was back home just now. The house opposite of mine caught on fire! But luckily everything was fine and most importantly, the fire didn't claim any lives. It is "Merdeka" (Independance) day today. But surprisingly there was no fireworks at midnight. Ok, maybe the government and private sectors know that it is dangerous and costly.

But some people just don't learn their lessons. Now, children as young as 6 years old have the freedom to play home-made fire-crackers not just because of the festive session is just around the corner. Sometimes it's not to say that I am cruel, maybe they will learn when there is death or only the kids sustain seriuos injury. Just 2 days ago, a news has reported that a girl lost her eye-sight because of fire-crakers. What to do! I can't help her since her parents do not want to do anything about it!

Perhaps parents are now giving more freedom to children and assuming that they have the maturity to decide everything by themselves. But the maturity is in the aspect of physical but not about the mental status or emotional wise. Just an example, kids as young as 12-15 years old are getting pregnant but did they ever think of what is the consequences of having sex? I am sure that you will agree with me in this point. So, the blame is always with the parents! How you want you child to be in the future is in the parents' hands!
Enjoy and have a nice day! Merdeka!!

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