Sunday, 5 September 2010

It's All About Girls

It was quite sad when I told my buddies about what's my plan next year. I guess they know why I have made up such a decision. It definitely not because of the extra allowance. Anyway, 1 year is still far way! We can still enjoy a lot of precious time at cafes on weekends. Back to the topic. GIRLS!

When you walk on the street, it's either you will see guys or girls only. This is because God did not have the third gender in His creation list during the time of Creation. As everyone knows, guys and girls are totally 2 different "creatures" on earth from many aspects for example physical wise, mental, emotion, IQ, EQ etc. But is there any superiority among these 2 genders? I am sure many people would say "yes"! This is because they are still living in far far behind from time as compared to us. But the truth is NO! These people should accept the facts that many women are now world leaders because many girls have more patience than guys, besides scientific proven that they are smarter as well because they live in mother's womb 2 weeks more that the guys.

It is quite sad when you read back the history about people were killing baby girls because they had the mentality that the guys were more superior. Anything to do with the family, financial matter etc, the guys were always the one who decides on everything. Guys were the "manager" who managed the girls as "workers". Anyway, thanks God that things are changing. At least, guys and girls are somehow at the same "level" now. The decision makers are not solely the guys. But it will be sad when the girls over-powered the guys! Haha. This is totally unbearable! Praying hard that this not my life!

I wanted to write more but too bad it's dinner time for me. Hopefully I can come up with something more for the second part. Anyway. enjoy and have a nice day!

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