Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bon Voyage!!!!

Hey, guys. I guess this will be my last post before I get on the plane and fly over the South China Sea. I actually thought of leaving this "City of Heavy Traffic" so-called quietly but it didn't seem to be succeeded. Anyway, I am really thankful with all the wishes and blessings from all my family, relatives and friends. (Too many to thank if I want to list out here) And many actually asked me when will I be back and work here. Errr.. I pondered about this question for quite some time already but it came to an conclusion that "I have no idea at all". This also might be my stepping stone to seek for greener pasture at other places in the coming years. Never mind, decisions have yet to be decided and I have at least 2 years to think about it. So now, I should concentrate more on my new job at a new working environment. Wish me luck ^^ Fingers crossed*

Cheers Kevin.

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