Saturday, 25 August 2012

Tenom-Keningau-Tambunan Trip (19-20 August 2012) - Part 1

AHHHHHHHH!! I am done with another station. Two more to go and I will be a free man! lolzz

When I looked back some of the pictures, I just realise that I haven't blog something more about Sabah. Gosh. I guess I am having more stuff to do now.. Ha-ha. Anyway, let me finish with my latest trip to the inner part of Sabah now. When you look thro the whole Sabah map, it is just too big to discover if you are on a 10 days trip. But you are here for most of the time, it's just the right time to discover something which you can hardly get from other places. 

So during the Raya break, we have almost 4 days of holiday but we spent 2 days for travels. Our first destination was Tenom. It was about 2-3 hours away from Kota Kinabalu if you are travelling by car with an average speed of 80-100km/hour. The fastest route is via the Kimanis route which you will go pass the Crocker Range.

Crocker Range, travel via Papar town 

Look at how steep the road was! 

 Then here comes the misty part of Kimanis route...

And this was our first destination, Agricultural Park Sabah. It was about 12-15km away from Tenom town, average about 30 minutes of driving...

 Make sure you have a map with you! It will definitely come in handy....

 The orchard part, you can get many types of fruit at here. But too bad that we came at the wrong time as it was not the season.

Ciku still hanging on the tree

You can even stay here if you want! But very limited place to stay as there were two units only, i guess... 

The lake at the park 

Observatory tower to view the whole park, too bad you can't see the Tenom town 

If you are adventurous and resistant to the sun enough, you can walk around the animal park as well. Ok, now let the pictures do the "talking" part because most of it are self-explainable. =)

Right after the tour around the park, it's time for lunch! But as we were late to reach back the town, we have to have KFC for lunch! Luckily there is still KFC =P

Part of the Tenom town

And here is the famous Tenom coffee! Try a cup of its coffee if you have the chance.

To be continued.....

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