Saturday, 25 August 2012

Tenom-Keningau-Tambunan Trip (19-20 August 2012) - Part 2

After leaving Tenom town after lunch, we dropped by at the Murut Cultural Center to deepen our knowledge about the locals. It was opened from outside but it was not functioning inside. We paid for the entrance fee at the counter but we didn't enjoy anything when we were there. Thus, we have no chance to have the real feel about the culture. Quite disappointed after paying the RM5.

The entrance to the village, hopefully you didn't miss this when you are travelling along the Keningau- Tenom road. It was about 15 km from Tenom town.

The activities going on. Basically, we paid RM 5 for a very simple gallery show-case. Nothing else!

After checking in to the hotel at Keningau, we made our way back to Crocker Range Park to enjoy the aerial view of Keningau town before it gets dark. It was about 15 km from Keningau town as well. Basically, 30 minutes driving will do! It is a very nice and cooling place. Our initial plan was to stay there but too bad that it was fully booked! Price ranging from RM30-60 per person only!

Just a picture at Crocker Range Park

Ok, it was about 6pm already and the sky was getting dark. So we decided to make another trip up again the next day! So we headed back to Keningau town for dinner before going back to the hotel to rest. Keningau is actually quiet a big town as compared to Tenom and Tambunan. Though there is no cinema, but there is mini shopping malls, bars and so on! If you want to have a peaceful life, I think there is a good option.. Moreover, it is just about 2-3 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu. =)

 Fruits for the day

Keningau BAH!!!

 Dinner at Keningau. You can easily get Chinese food around town because most locals are Chinese but make sure that it's not too late because the shops might close early..

The next day.........

Breakfast at Keningau and head back to Crocker Range Park after that 

2 km Crocker Trail into the jungle. Hopefully you can get Rafflesia when you are in the jungle. 

So-called DONE with the whole trail 

Information center at GATE 2. Weather recorded was 14.5! 

Mini gallery at the Information Center 

Observatory tower at Crocker Range Park! 

Bye-bye to Keningau town

So we left Keningau town after that and head towards Tambunan for waterfall!

To be continue....

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