Friday, 26 October 2012

Another Bangkok Trip (back date on 20-24 Sept 2012)

After planning the trip (family trip) for almost a year, it was time to catch the flight to Bangkok again! But it was a whole new experience this time. I got to many places which I haven't been in the previous trip and hopefully I have covered most of the tourism spots in Bangkok this time! It was a simple planning trip which we organised everything ourselves.

Once we arrived there on the first day, we went straight to their Safari World which I have no idea where it was located but luckily we had a very good driver which took us straight to our destination. It was a very good safari! It has 2 parts and one of it was a very big area where you have animals were free to run about. So beware of the tigers and lions!!

My sisters and mum at Safari World

 The out-door part, beware of dangerous animals. 
** Make sure that you have a driver to bring you around

The walk-about part 

The parrots 

After spending half a day at the safari, it was already evening. So we checked in into the hotel and spent the night at China town! When you talk about China town in Bangkok, you definitely can't run away from this stall "T&K"! Tremendously good and cheap seafood! The service was very fast as well! So no worries if you have another plan late at night!

As for the second day, we have traveled far away from the city to the Maeklong railway market and the famous floating market! It was my first time being at the railway market and so do the crowd! Everyone was so excited especially when we saw those people pulling their tent off the railway track and the train passed by! After that, we traveled for another 15km for the floating market after that. Phew. I was so relieved because my mum dare to go on the small mini boat!

 My mum was bargaining at the railway market

Floating market 

Lunch on the way back to Bangkok 

After getting back to Bangkok, we went around the temples and the grand palace until late evening and the day ended just like that. Didn't upload all the pictures taken because I have uploaded some in my previous trip! The plan for the third day was travelling to Ayutthaya and Bang-Pa-In. It was a very good historical place to visit and every site actually self-explanatory because by seeing each of the site, we can know what had happened to that place. Not only they have temples over there, the King's summer palace is at Bang-Pa-In.

Oops.. Dropped by at the Ayutthaya floating market for lunch! 

Forth day was all about shopping! As usual, I have to spare out some time for the ladies to shop especially when you were travelling to Bangkok. We have spent most of the time at Chatuchak area whereby my sisters and mum "shopped till they drop"! =)

Enjoy and have a nice day!

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