Friday, 14 December 2012

What A Mood & What A Day

I wonder I should be happy or sad after knowing my placement?! To me, I always put companions ahead of challenges. If I have the chance to choose now, I would choose to stay in the same working place which I used to work with rather than changing to a whole new working environment. Anyway, I should be grateful that I am still working under the same hospital with the same management. Come on, life is never easy! Stressful life is awaiting for me. I still remember the quote that I have on my table, "Fight the war, Kill them all!" which always keep me fighting strong for every exams. I think it should carve this quote on my current working desk!

It's Friday today. Felt so irritated when everyone is working but I got to stay at home "to wait for work". And when other people finish work, that's when I got to start working! Anyway and anyway, Happy Friday and Padas White Water Rafting is waiting for me tomorrow!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend =)

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