Saturday, 23 February 2013

King Hu Restaurant, Tanjung Aru

This was quite sometime ago but it was definitely not more than one month!

When everyone in the town talks about 北京烤鸭 (Beijing Roast Duck), it is definitely at King Hu Restaurant! It is an air-conditioned restaurant which is located at Tanjung Aru (less than 5 minutes drive from LCCT). Service was so-so only but the food was too good already. At least the taste of the food was still maintain even when the crowd was too huge! So, it is better to be there early for an early dinner... So, let the pictures complete this blog!

The main dish,  北京烤鸭 (Beijing Roast Duck). You can have the thin steamed skin to wrap with the duck meat, it tasted perfectly with some of the sweet sauce...

Duck soup, this is where the remaining of the duck e.g. bone is! 

锅贴 (Wo Tiet). Signature dish in KK but there are some better ones  in town!

馒头 (Man Tou) Chinese fried steamed bun.

Toufu and one meat!

 Overall, not too expensive per person! The dishes worth the money that you paid for!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend... =)

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