Saturday, 21 May 2016

Gardens By The Bay @ Singapore (Part 2)

All pictures in Part 2 are taken in Flower Dome which has many types of plants and trees from various part of the world and the main attraction at that time is tulips! Besides, it also has a cafe within for you to rest if you are tired of walking. =)

Entrance to Flower Dome

Huge indoor glass greenhouse which has a temperature of less than 25 degree Celsius..

Bed of tulips at the entrance.. This is not impressive yet!

Many huge plants as well as many people!

One of the interesting looking flower besides tulips..

Almost 4 hours spent with the flowers.. Time passes so fast! It was really a good place to spend at besides famous shopping malls for their aircond.

Tulipmania @ Flowe Dome from 8 Apr till 22 May..

It seems that they would have a special featuring plant for every season. So I am wondering what would be the next plant!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend. =)

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