Monday, 13 December 2010

Love & Life

Good. I have finished one day of carolling. 2 more days to go but my fingers are now starting to pain. Anyway, it is really a good experience on the first day of carols because I'm the one who created to music for them. Kudos to myself.

When talking about Love & Life, it is really not easy to explain. Many people say Love is blind, Love with your Life, Love with all your heart, but how Love supposed to be in our Life? It is quite interesting to flip thro' the newspaper nowadays. Just last week, a 23-years old bridegroom married a 14-years old bride. And also, a 22-years old guy committed suicide 2 days ago because of Love. There are many controversies especially in the first case because the society can hardly accept the fact that a 14-years old kid is getting married. Come on, the kid is just about to achieve maturity and this is actually the stage where kids always wanted to try something new. That's why many kids can easily get influenced and get into some immoral or bad activities during this stage of life. Trust me, they can hardly make rational thoughts and decisions!

As for the second case, many people have different opinions about it. Some says that it was the girl who caused the guy to commit suicide; some says that it was the guy's own problem, it has nothing to do with the girl. It is actually very subjective to judge the actual situation as I believe everyone does not have the full picture about the story. But one thing is that the guy actually made a very big mistake. Remember "A problem is for you to solve; but not running away by committing suicide or doing something ignorant". Breaking off is not end of the world. Trust me, always set a challenging goal after every failure can really motivate you to achieve better success in Life. And another thing, also think before you act. Think of your love ones!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

P.S. Pray hard that I can wrap up everything for the year in the coming to blogs.

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