Tuesday, 11 January 2011

... (Part 2)

I know that it is a bit too late for the second part because the year 2010 has ended for more than a week but I will still continue.

As I have almost half a year more to end my course, I know that there is no turning back to what I have did for the past 4 to 5 years. No cyber cafe, no midnight movies, no guys' talk, no beer talk, no futsal and so on. But it is not about that! Frankly speaking, my sisters always say "Kevin, you should be the most free person at home because both of us are working but you are just studying!" There is always an argument about this when this matter arises. I totally disagree the way they talk and what they talk to me. To me, if I don't study hard, I will be just a piece of shit in the society in the future. Anyway, I will always choose to give up because I don't like arguments, I don't like to compete with anyone in any ways.

Ok, so... How much of frustrations do you get at work doesn't mean that you can bring it back home! Do you that it is the best way to release stress? Family, is actually where you can get the most comfort. No matter what you did, in good times or bad times, they will always be there for you! Trust me, if you are afraid of them, the biggest problem is actually you yourself. Especially mothers, every mothers will always want to involve themselves in any of your decision makings. Sometimes it will just frustrate you more than helping out, but please keep your temper and bear with it. Anyway, it is up to you on how you see your family picture.

Last thing to talk is actually Liverpool. It is really sad to see how Liverpool is doing now. Anyway, I hope that Kenny can do something about it. I really have no comments this time. YNWA!

I made a lot of wishes during Christmas this year because I think I need all of them very badly. Hopefully He can grant all my wishes! But definitely nothing about wanting a girlfriend. Ha-ha.

Enjoy and have a nice day..

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