Monday, 12 July 2010

What A Day It Is!

Haiz. Today is really a wrong day to blog but I still must blog about these matters before I go for a nap. No encouragement but with full of disappointment and frustration. I have tried my best to end the day with a smile but it ended with a lot of question marks!

First thing first, I have been bearing a wonderful name for more than 23 years already. I have no idea why someone would comment about my name and insist of me changing it! It is in my birth certificate, it is also the same name for my identity card and all my certificates. But... But.. I am wondering what would I get or what benefit will that person gets if I change the sequence of my name? For your information, my certificate will not be valid if my name or the sequence of it doesn't follow my birth certificate or the one stated on my identity card. This is strange but I know that I must fight for my name.

Next, plagiarism and breaking promises. Oops. Did I mentioned something which I do not supposed to be mentioning over here? But it must be fair to me as a victim as well as my other friends too. To bad that trust can only be given once! Once you break the promise, you are really in deep deep trouble. That's why being a friend with me is never an easy thing. I prefer losing a friend like this kind of person than doing things which makes me feel uneasy. I am now wondering how should I protect all my hard works from being reached out to other's hands. Can I delay the publishing of my thesis and journal? I can't afford to be kind like this anymore. Too naive, Kevin!!!!

Something which is not related to the above. Sometimes I really wonder why, why and why does the mother wants to carry her small little child sitting at the front sit of the car with the driver! What a big mistake it is! Or am I wrong?! Be a bit more realistic and think more rational! Even how good is your air bag, it will never ever be able to protect the mother and the child if there is any accident. True? If let say that the mother wants to be the "air bag" for the child, do you think so it will work? Even your additional air bags will not work as you will smash the small kid into pan-cakes. I think it is more likely to happen in the other way. It is because of this kind of mentality, that is why the industry which makes baby sits will never gain profits. Come on, parents or anyone out there who is still doing this kind of thing! Stop it! God will never tell when does accident happens! "Prevention is better than cure!"

Looks like I should end here. Enjoy and have a nice day.

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