Friday, 30 July 2010

Past, Present, Future.

Have you ever thought of what will you be in 10 YEARS time? Are you married or are you still single? I remembered that people saying that I have changed a lot compared to the PAST 10years. That time I was still so naive, funky, wasting money with all the online games. But now, I am a CHANGED guy! So what do you think about yourself in 10 YEARS ago?

I am glad that many of my friends are having a different life now example having some kind of mutual LOVING relationship. But so far none of them are married. Maybe it's still early as everyone is still in the mid of 20s. I am too eager to collect their ang pau but not giving out. At least it is much better now because breaking up rate is lower than building relationship rate among my friends. For sure that I have contributed the breaking up rate once and I have no intention in contributing for the building up rate in the meantime. Ha-ha. Because for me, I have a different concept about this kind of relationship. I will feel that I will have less freedom if I tied myself into these kind of relationships. Sometimes, it is really sickening to see friends doing "reporting" when we are out together. I know that many people are against my idea but different people can have different opinion.

Back to the PRESENT... So are glad about what you are doing now? Or is it far away from you vision which you had 10 years ago? And again, to have better life is not to look back at what we have done, but it is to move forward and prepare what is awaiting for us in the future. Can you imagine what will happen if all of your great inventors e.g. Thomas Edison, Wright brothers etc gave up easily with their inventions at that time? The secret is they didn't look back time, at their failure. They did learnt from mistakes but with a positive mind. Imagine if I throw you into the wrestling ring with The Rock and you say " I will sure die", you have already lose to him mentally. No point of fighting at all because you are at the losing side already. But if you say you can, you can have the chance to knock him down. Even if you lose, you can say that I have tried my best. That's what I told myself about my marketing paper last year. I have said that "I will fail marketing!" But not for this time.

How about the FUTURE? I wonder did any of your surrounding people suggests to "look back time" in 10 years time. What I mean is that writing a short note either about what you are now or what do you think about yourself in 10 years time on to a piece of paper, roll it and insert into a bottle. Bury that bottle and come and get it back in 10 years time. For me, 5 years is more than enough. When I read back my diary about what I wrote 5 years ago, I can say that I am stupid enough to have a dream of being a bus ticket conductor.
Spend some time with your closest friends which you have known for more than 10 years and share this with them. I am sure the day will filled with laughters. Make your life happy! Remember, people who doesn't smile frequently will get older at a faster rate.

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