Monday, 5 July 2010

Back To Reality.

Luckily Durex has stopped "Does size really matters?" ads on my blog. Haha. I wonder how did that ads landed on my blog. Anyway, at least better than nothing.

With just 3 days off after finishing my true holiday, I am back for classes. This is the first time that my bag is loaded with snacks from Kelantan, Sarawak, Langkawi, China and Thailand. Hey, no joke guys! Nearly 70% of my bag is occupied with all the snacks when I am back home. My mum felt one kind when she saw me unloading everything one by one from my bag. Ha-ha. Anyway, thanks everyone for all the stuff! I really appreciate you guys especially getting stamps and kit-kat for me. That's what i told my sisters, bury all my albums with me in my coffin though I know that they will collapse my coffin! I know it's a bit ridiculous but frankly speaking, this is what I wish for if I happened to d** early. *touch wood*

New semester always start with a surprice. As for this semester, my class is downed to 40+ students. Comforting, comforting and comforting! Me, you and everyone! Just a bit sad that my 4 years in this course will be ending just like that. Anyway, this is what reality is all about! But one thing for sure is that, we will all graduate from the course and maybe we still have the chance to be colleagues in the future. "No matter how high is Mount Everest, I am sure we can conquer it one day!" It is all just the matter of time. "When ever you fall, there is always a chance for you to get up!" It all depends on us! But I really hope that my favourite lecturers are still around when I graduate.

God always know that what sinners are doing on earth but sadly some doesn't really realise about that! When it comes to sexual instinct, OMG! It is really a great havoc. Click here. Teenagers, teenagers! No comment!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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