Thursday, 29 July 2010

Week 4

To dream something which you hope to dream of is a fantasy, but wanting to dream of something is thinking too much. I always wanted to dream of something, so is it a fantasy or am I thinking too much? Life is so stressful especially with the days of PBL and research project running concurrently. I am praying so hard that week7 can come soon.

I just thought of having few days of freedom for this weekend because my mum is not around. Unfortunately, "beloved" marketing lecturer suddenly having class on Friday evening. Really DAMN it! Torturing me with marketing is really cruel. Come on! Is this my life should be? The worst part is she teases us every class. "It's because they did their marketing plan last minute, that's why they failed their marketing paper and landed in this class again!" And "Everyone can create your own drug which you think is suitable for this time assignment!" Ok, high on adrenaline now. Better put a stop on this topic.

Time to work back again. Enjoy the video!

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