Friday, 9 July 2010

Interesting Week1

Ok, I got to be fast this time because I have ordered pizza for supper. The pizza guy is going to be here in half an hour time. It was really an interesting conversation with the operator just now. He sounded like a robot rather than a human. I wonder did they trained to ask or answer other question! Though they are able to identify the place which called up, but it doesn't mean it is always the same person who calls up!

Week1 of the semester. It is always new but it is really new this time. It is really a good experience to learn something via problem based learning (PBL) method. It really encourages communication among group members, at least I know what's the use of learning communication skills finally. Besides, it always force you driving out your brilliant ideas when you have no idea at all about your task and many more. I wonder who invented this idea.

And another thing, Paul the Octopus got his prediction correct whereby the Germans were beaten by the Spanish. So how about the Dutch? In his latest prediction, he predicts that the Spanish will win the cup but the outcome still remain unknown. Let's wait till this Sunday! But I really hope that the Spanish will win because there is quite a number of Liverpool's players in that squad. So sad that Torres has to sit on the bench that day but his fate may change this weekend. Maybe he will become the hero for the Spanish again this time! Anyway, go go go!

And lastly, this weekend has no marketing class. Hopefully I can make it an interesting weekend with beneficial activities! Ok, times up. Last 10 minutes! Better get ready for the pizza!

Enjoy and have a nice day..

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