Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Teenager Mothers

While I was looking thro' some of the profiles of my ex-colleagues on facebook just now, I found back this 'special' girl there. Amazing, facebook! This girl, she is nothing special for me but not the same for my ex-colleague (she is also a girl). Ha-ha. I nearly got 'match-made' with her but luckily the 'special' girl left early before it was a success. That was fun during the working time! I enjoyed and the 'special' girl also enjoyed too. Don't worry, I will never get in touch with her again now maybe it is because of the 'phobia'.

Talking about young mothers, it is getting more common nowadays. Not a shocking news if you hear a 16-years old girl got pregnant, but what if you heard about a 9-years old girl got pregnant for a 14-years old boy? Let's not talk about the children because they know nothing about sex in the first place. When something like this happens, who should be blamed? I am sure that many parties will be pointing fingers to each other especially the teachers in school and of course the parents. Sometimes parents are too naive to think that they are just children only, so they neglected about sex education. Please bear in mind that kids are getting more matured and smarter day by day! With the ease of internet access, they can do havoc of it when parents are not aware.

Why school? Why not religion? Here is another controversial. Don't put the blame on each other, both also play a role. Good educating system and faithful followers of a religion will never have this problem! As simple as that! Teaching safe sex in school and praying with sincerity, that's what I want to say. Back to our children. When something like this happens, it is always unfair to the girls as they will always bear the 2 burdens but the boys will always get away from this. The girls get pregnant is the first thing and they will be send to the rehabilitation centre is the second. As for the boys, for sure that they can't get pregnant but they can neglect the burden of responsibility.

Sometimes it is really sad about the unfairness among the 2 genders and this is not a life supposed to be! If their parents are open-minded, for sure they will opt for a marriage. But what if they are not, for sure another fetus will be flushed down the toilet bowl! Any somehow, they can't bring back the past!

Think, think and think.... I can't imagine that I have a 2 years old kid calling me "daddy" when I'm 16 years old.

Enjoy and have a nice day!

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