Sunday, 20 June 2010

If I Have A Million...

If you are given a million dollars, you can do many things with it. But does the way you spend it "rational"? Some people may say, I want to donate part of it to the orphanage or old folks' home; some people may want to retire right away, find a peaceful place and live their till end of life; some people may want to enjoy e.g. going for long vacations. But for me, I will invest the money to earn more money. Though I know that I can't spend it when I die, But at least I know that someone will spend it for me.

I remembered that one of my friend said that she would want to buy a big big house if she has the money. So does this gives her the same satisfaction as buying a smaller house to stay and spend the remaining money to buy some properties to rent? For me, it's something like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. You have 1 sum of the money but you spend it in 2 ways to get 2 benefits in stead of 1. Trust me, not worth to invest in cars unless you can make it an antic. It's more recommended to sit in people's Ferrari rather than get 1 for yourself. Does this make sense?

Other than what is stated above, if we think from a wider aspect, it also gives you a start up point for your retiring plan. Do you know that many retirees do not have enough money for their survival till the end of their life? It's good that Malaysians have the EPF (Employees Provident Fund) which at least save up some money for them while they are still working. How about free-lancers? They earn but most of their income does not contribute to EPF. Sometimes, we must really think this really far ahead. Don't say that, "I will start tomorrow!" because your tomorrow forever will never be a today.

p.s. When mother's day comes, you give roses. But when father's day comes, what is in your mind? I hope that it is never be cigarettes or cigars.
Enjoy and have a nice Monday. "Happy Father's Day" to all fathers.

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