Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Unbalanced Lifestyle. Do Research!

I am spending more of my time for my research after knowing that I passed all the subject for this semester. Though things happened unexpectedly everyday, but life still goes on!! Research still goes on!! Nothing can stop me from continuing my effort. I know that my stamina has dropped tremendously and soon will drop further more after missing some futsal games, but 1 person has gave me a very good consolation for all my effort today.

After having peaceful days in the lab for the past 1 week, I can't get myself used to the lab when there is a class going on today. As usual, I have my laptop there but it doesn't kill my free time like it suppose to be. Lab session for them is not like any lab session for us. Maybe that is why we are known as pharmacy students but they are not. Not only the behavioural aspect, it also includes their dress code. But 1 thing very obvious is that the girls are curious about the rats and mice, this causes the rats and mice do not have a peaceful sleep after the oral dosing today. swt

After that, I thought of walking around outside of the lab and I met someone. He knows that I am one of the research student and said this to me "Young man, it is worth it!". Then I just replied with a smile to him. When I think back what he said to me, now I know that what does he meant by that! Like my supervisor always comment on me, I used to feed the huge rats first then followed by the tiny ones because I am a typical Hakka people. He is actually hinting that I like to do the hard first and save the easiest one last. Or in other words, save the best for the last!

I can't really imagine that I will be finishing everything in 1 year time. I will be starting to work, starting to earn big money, thinking about investment but surprisingly not about having a family life yet. sigh......................... Maybe I should have something about how do I think about my future.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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