Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Mixed Feelings But It's Still..

... still what? I can't run away from Marketing. This sucksssssssssssss... I guess I have no choice to choose but got to just face the reality. I am really depressed with the news this morning but at least I have 3 sisters to so-called entertaine me after my lab session today.

Sometimes I wonder, why do I need to study marketing and with such a high standard? What is it got to do with my course now but everyone says that it will really benefit me in the future. Once my friend told me that he would set up a clinic and I should set up a pharmacy just beside his clinic, then another friend suddenly added, "I think I should open a coffin shop beside you guys!". Ha-ha. What a crap! Just a lame joke...

Anyway, I must be thankful that I can still proceed to my final year! I will definitely give my best shoot next semester and face the FACT! Come on, bring on MARKETING now!!!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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