Friday, 15 October 2010

How Do You Value Yourself?

Exam is just around the corner but I have a blur brain to prepare everything. 1 lecturer is about to leave and another one is planning to leave. The turn-over rate is so high. Luckily I am about to finish the course or else I will be in deep trouble.

Just another topic before the week ends. "How do you value yourself?" When we talk about value, it can meant by 2 things. One is about the Price and the other will be Confidence. Let's talk about the first value first. Does everyone has a price tag on them? It's absolutely not. Some people are tagged with low dignity when they are born e.g. poor people. It's a social discrimination. But some may tag themselves with low dignity naturally. I guess you know what do I mean by that. The main idea is that we don't see how much are they, so we can't tag them with a price. But human will naturally tag the poor as worthless. Sometimes I may wonder, is it fair to them?

Another value is about confidence and agony. No matter how they look, how they dress or how they face the society, they will still carry high confidence level in them. I am not critisising any celebraty but Lady Gaga can be an example. She doesn't look pretty, absolutely looks weird to me! But with her condifidence and courage, why does she needs to bother what I critisise her! When you have the confidence, you are rating yourself higher compared to others. That's where everyone will be taking you as a role model or admire you, naturally they fall in love with you! Actually the main message in this part is that, confidence is the natural beauty of woman and confidence is also the "macho"ness of a man! Haha.

ENjoy and have a nice weekend.

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