Thursday, 13 May 2010

I Got My Samsung Corby Wifi

I have been waiting for this time for so so so so so so and so long. After surveying for new hand phones for few weeks, i got myself a brand new Samsung Corby Wifi finally. Hee. This was actually the motivation to end my second week of exam.

Hmm. I can say that this is a very economical phone, "PLC" package all within. As for me, I don't ask for the style and design, but the main concern is actually about the features. If the phone doesn't serve me well, no point of being good looking. It's something like girls, physical appearance is just a temporary beauty. But what is most needed in them is actually how they interact with you. If they do not go along well with you, no point of going with them. It will just be a temporary mutual relationship. Is this true?

So, what I ask for is actually very simple. As a student, I do not need any 3G features, GPS and so on. I just need it to go on-line and hang on to the internet. Since the campus is a so-called wifi area, so isn't it a waste if your phone do not have any WLAN feature? Not only in campus, many other places such as Old Town Coffee House, Mc Donald's, Star Bucks, Toyota Service Center, shopping malls and so on are now having their own servers for you to be connected to the internet easily with just 1 click. I am sure in years to come, more places will have this wifi servers to attract you. But too bad that I can't play Mafia Wars by using it unless I pay money. Ha-ha.

Specifications: Click here

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

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