Wednesday, 26 May 2010

2 In A Row...

Hey, guys! I am back. I was really busy with the rats for the past few days. Unrealisingly, 1 week has passed and 2 more weeks to go for the toxicity study! And life gets tougher too because the rats have grown much larger in size. =>

While I was browsing thro' the internet, I found that this article really interesting. "Daughters are more expensive than sons!" Why is it so?!

First thing first, they have more expensive hobbies. When it comes to shopping, no doubt that they will have a shopping bag in hand everytime they shop unless they made their mind clear of window shopping. Boys! They just know about running around the football field or playing around the basketball court. Next, when it comes to demands, girls are definitely more demanding than boys! When you give a box of chocolates to them, girls most probably would see whether it suites them or not. But boys, they would just keep quiet and start eating the chocolates like no body's business. Ha-ha. How funny are they! This is worth to laugh about.

When we are talking about today's world, there is an obvious status difference between the poor and the rich especially in those 3rd world countries or war-torn countries. It is not just about financial status, but also about the power, the influence on others and many more. The rich will definitely enjoy their powerful and wealthy life but the poor will only think about how to survive tomorrow. Sometimes it is really a pity to see some kids begging along the streets, mums carrying their children and walking bear-footed on concretes under the hot sun and so on! But what can you do? How can you help them? Or did you ever thought of helping them? Like mum reminds us that "Not to waste food." is already a very good example. This is worth to think about.
Enjoy and have a nice day..

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