Monday, 17 May 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me.

Now I know what is the real function of Facebook, it is not about Mafia Wars and Restaurant City. This is the first time that I replied so many posts. Even though it is a very tedious job, but I really appreciate a lot.

First, I had dinner with my family on Saturday night. My wish is to have Malay food but wish is not granted. So we went for Thai food at Jalan Alor. Later on, my brothers brought me out for a drink at 宅alk at Pandan Indah. It is a very new cafe and a very nice place. Maybe it is because that I had a few bottle of beer, and that is why I love the atmosphere a lot. I like the people there especially the female singer. I really admire her because she can sing a lot of tough songs which I think that normal people will not be able to sing. Haha. Then we have our second round at cyber cafe. At least I broke my record that I didn't kill any of my teammates. Thanks to them.

Then thanks to my U'mates as well. THough they are now at Langkawi, but they tried to blast up my phone last night. Too bad that they couldn't get through because I slept already and my phone was is silent mode. "Not forgotten" Wish them enjoy and have a nice holiday trip.

Everything was simple but nice. Thanks and have a nice day.

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