Sunday, 21 August 2011

Does An Occupation Really Matters?

Wow, I like this new blog format! Glad that the "undo" button is finally here! Ha-ha...

So what do I have for this week? Meeting friends, going to church, watching EPL matches, movie online or cinema and so many other stuff, but spending quality time with family on weekends is always the most important activity as compared to others! I will definitely have a mixed of feelings if I am told to work at somewhere which is far away from KL. I will miss the people around me but I will not miss the place! Anysomehow, I got to be back here one day because this is where I belong to...

Most of the time, I really have weird ideas or opinions as compared to my friends. When you were asked what type of workers in the world makes you appreciate more than the others! I guess most people will say the construction workers (because they built our shelters) or the doctors (because they keep us away from sickness) and bla bla bla.... But mine is actually the garbage collectors! I know you must be laughing over there. =p So let's spend some time and think about them. Actually without them, you will never have a clean environment to stay. Ok, maybe you can have better waste management! Not only that, they actually need a lot of courage to take up this challenge e.g. social discrimination and this is what I salute them most. You know, people are like that! They hate "dirty" people. Me too the same! But what choice do they have if people around them have this kind of mentality?! Do you mean that they should live in a live with no family, no outings for them and just stay at home only if there is no work?! I even saw people giving them a big bag of garbage instead of some snacks to them during festive season! Swt-.-" to the MAX!

They are humans too! Without them, you will be living in the world of rubbish. I used to give them a smile every morning when I see them passed by my house. Hope you can do so! They too need some dignity and recognition for their fantastic work. Hmm. So how about be a friend with them?! Ha-ha. I think it's time for you to reflect on this. So does an occupation really matters? Treat everyone out them the same! Even there is any great people's son, they too the same! Because GOD made everyone the SAME!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend...

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