Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Trip to the North (Part 2)

My trip to the north didn't stop at mid-week, instead I travelled back down to Sitiawan, Perak to visit another good friend. Here, we had another "visitor"!

Hmm.. When it comes to talking about the journey, it was really suck! Sucks to the MAX! Due to some changes by the bus company, I reached Ipoh, Perak late and I couldn't get on the last bus to Sitiawan, Perak. Luckily, my friends were kind enough and rescued me from the stranded town!!! No doubt, it was a very tiring journey and I had to take all the troubles to travel up and down with gifts from Alor Setar, Kedah (Trip to the North (Part 1)). But it was all worthy to do so.. One thing for sure was that, my journey was not all about visiting my friends but it was to hunt for good foods and places as well!

First meal (supper) in Sitiawan, Perak...

I got no choice but gotta just upload this picture... =p

Breakfast with food which you can't get from KL. 卤面 and Kam Pua

Tua Pek Gong Temple at Pasir Panjang, Perak

Various statues e.g. 十八罗汉,二十四孝,十二生肖,西游记 and so on at every corner in the sanctuary

A snap at the Monkey Garden (花果山)

Lunch at Pearl Harbour Restaurant at Panchor, Perak

Snap-shots at Marina Island, nice view facing Pangkor Island...

Only can be found in the host's house, red wine mee suan (红酒面线) for tea break

Dinner time!!

Beer talk at the beach on Marina Island

Gong Pia, famous in Sitiawan for next day's breakfast! From top: Authentic (pure), with onions and with pork

Promoting Pulut cendol

And it was time to say "Good-bye" and "Thank you" again to Christine and Shuen Nie for the wonderful trip!

Here is the end of my "Trip to the North a.k.a Run away from KL" trip. Hopefully, I still have the time to travel around and meet up with friends again next time!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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