Monday, 22 August 2011

Becareful of Where You Are!

I actually saw a nice deal on Groupon just now. It was a 3D2N trip to the largest man-made lake in South East Asia, the Kenyir Lake. But unfortunately, the deal is meant for 2 person! Argh... No need to think about that because I thought of going for a trip alone again! Ok now, no work and no place to go! "Really sitting at home to grow molds." I wish I can have some plans for next week. Hmm... Let me think about this later! Ha-ha.

Early in morning, I will definitely go for the newspaper first before I do any other things! But most of the time, the newspaper really sadden my heart. I think most people definitely know about the ACID ATTACKS which are happening nowadays and it is like happening almost everyday. These people are just insane and going randomly for innocent targets on the streets. Maybe they can get the amount of pleasure that they want but it's really a great pity that they damaged one's future especially the physical appearance of their victims. Criminals are still at large and they can be anyone on the streets. But what we can do to save ourselves is to protect as safe as possible. Hopefully, these guys will be "punished" soon before they go for the next target!

So, I recommend some important tips to protect ourselves and not easily being attacked or targeted:-
  1. Be aware of the people of the surrounding especially when you are walking alone.
  2. Be more cautious and alert if you suspect someone suspicious is near you.
  3. Take extra pre-caution especially when you are alone on empty streets or in any car-parks.
These steps are not meant for females only because males can also be their target! Not only adults, but also young children and old folks too! Hope that these tips are really helpful!

Enjoy and have a nice day...

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