Monday, 29 August 2011

The World of Technology

I really didn’t expect that the match between Man United and Arsenal could end in such a way. It was really humiliating to see the much weakened Arsenal team lost 8-2 to the in-form Man United. Anyway, I think the teams that can possibly break down the Man United defence now are Man City and Liverpool. Do you agree with me?!

Nowadays, Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera is becoming one of the hot items among the youngsters and perhaps some adults too. Because everyone is now emphasising more on taking quality pictures rather than blur pictures. And various functions provided in a DSLR can really add in some spices to the pictures which a normal digital couldn’t, for example the light capturing, focusing and many others. Not only that, the technique of taking a good picture and the angle too must be at the tip of your fingers. That’s why a professional photographer needs a DSLR to give their best shots!

But sadly, 7 out of 10 people who hold a DSLR do not really know how to use it to perfection! They don’t even know the basic stuff e.g. ISO, the function of shutter speed, the aperture size etc. And the funniest part is that they use the AUTO mode rather than the MANUAL mode to capture pictures. Ok, not only I who observe this, but my friends too! So, why this “kids” want to spend so much and wanting badly to have a DSLR mainly is because “Just for the fun!” Besides, I think they might feel better to have something big hanging around their neck so that everyone can observe that they are using a DSLR. Hmm... I guess you can get what I mean when you go to these PC fairs or Motor Shows! Anyway, these people are just wasting their money to take normal pictures which a normal digital camera can take too!

Phew… It is really making harder for people to find good professional photographers nowadays. Because you can easily get people taking similar quality of pictures as these so-called professional photographers. That’s why you must now really know how good the skill of these people is before paying them for your photos.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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