Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Penang Trip (24-26 June 2011)

Just too tired about my working environment after 1 month and I got out of KL for a last minute planned trip! Perhaps I should say, I have no plannings at all but all thanks to my lecturer and fellow friends who are from the Penang island.

The trip was all about food because that was the only place where you can get authentic Penang food. Please don't ever trust KL's fake Penang's food! They taste totally different. Anyway, I can will only upload all pictures about food for this time. Hope that you guys like it!

Cendol in the City Center
Dinner 1 at Bukit Genting
Steamed fresh octopus with Kuey Teow Teng

Oyster with Egg, Mua Chi and "???" at Jelutong (opposite of Post Office)

Loh Mee and Hokkien Mee for Day 2 breakfast

Durian Feast at Balikpulau

Asam Laksa and Asam + Lemak Laksa at Balikpulau

Desserts at Tropical Fruit Farm

Loh Bak and Asam Laksa at Air Itam Market

Nyonya Dessest before dinner

Dinner time at somewhere further away from Queens' Bay

Duck Drumstick Noodle and Kueh Cap at Pulau Tikus

Char Kuey Teow at Air Itam for my last meal at Penang

Tempted you guys? Ha-ha. So what are you waiting for?

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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