Friday, 25 September 2015

Foo Chow Noodles @ Taman Mesra

I can still remember the very first time that I had a Foo Chow meal was about 5 years back at my friend's place in Sitiawan. I can never forget the taste of the home-cooked red wine noodle which my friend's grandma prepared for me. When I think back, I just feel like taking a flight back immediately and travel all the way to Sitiawan just for it! Anyway, too bad that my friend is not at her hometown whenever I go back to KL.

Just trying my luck to get back the taste of it, I thought of giving this stall a try. It's located at Taman Mesra, a corner shop facing the basketball court! It opens for breakfast only. This stall sells a variety of food such as Kon Lou Mian (Dry Noodle), Hong Jiu Mian Xian (Red Wine Noodle), Kuey Chap (Noodle rolls) etc. Price range is reasonable. Since there is only 2 of us, so we just ordered 2 types only!

 Kon Lou Mian (Dry Noodle) RM 6 per bowl... Very standard but I prefer them to use minced meat rather than BBQ and roasted pork to go along with the noodle!

Hong Jiu Mian Xian (Red Wine Noodle) RM 8 per bowl... The essence of the broth is not strong enough but the chicken is well cooked and tender! The colour of the broth might disappoint you a bit because it tasted like a normal chicken soup more!

Any chance that I will return to this stall? Maybe... =) Enjoy and have a nice weekend!

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