Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Bukit Perahu @ Tamparuli Town

If you are looking for another good spot to hike without much congestion like Bukit Padang, you can drive for about 40 minutes to Tamparuli town to hike this Bukit Perahu! The trail is a bit more longer and challenging as compared to Bukit Padang. If you have good stamina with good hiking skill, 30 minutes is the max for you to reach the peak!

We started off at around 5.20 am and hiked for about 40 minutes and thought that we would be about to catch the sun rise. But too bad that we couldn't get the sun rise as the weather was too hazy. Luckily the air is cooling enough with strong winds. Just one advise, don't wear too thin to hike! =)

At the peak with the Malaysia flag

 View of the nearby towns

 Nothing much to do up there. Just a flat land for you to chit chat and take selfie while waiting for others! =p

Ok, just to show where to start off! The place is never easy to find if it's your first time there! Look for landmarks such as the community hall and St Veronica Hill! They are just 2 minutes drive away from the town and there is no proper parking space, so just park your car along the road will do as long as you do not cause any havoc to the traffic!

Community hall the at opposite side of the road

St Veronica Hill.. It seems that they used to use the hill for Station of the Cross during advent season

Uphill all the way and you will find crosses along the trail!

Huge cross after the 13th station which is not far away from the peak!

Once you see this from far, that means you are very near to the peak!

Enjoy and have a nice day! =)

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