Monday, 19 October 2015

Foo Chow Food @ Megalong Complex, Dongongon

Just few posts ago, I remember that I have blogged a Foo Chow stall at Taman Mesra. And again, I discovered another old stall which has been selling for years at Megalong Complex, Dongongon. According to my girlfriend who is a Foo Chow, she says that this is really authentic and it has the "home-made" taste! There are not many items on the menu but all are equally "hot" item! If you want to locate this shop, it's at first floor in the complex which at the same corner as Giant. 

Foo Chow Dry Noodle with minced meat (RM 4)..  The cheapest and nicest Foo Chow noodle in town!

Red Wine Noodle (RM 10).. Taste better than the Taman Mesra's one, even the colour of it has already shown you how good is it!

Just one complaint which is that the service is a bit slow when there are many customers. Anyway, spend some time to wait is really worth it! Definitely this is not the one and only trip to this place!

Enjoy and have a nice day! =)

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