Saturday, 5 September 2015

West Malaysian style Burger @ Servay Putatan

Hi guys. Sorry for no updates for so long because I was a bit busy with my work during these few weekends and couldn't find a right time to blog! Anyway, I guarantee you with a good stuff in this post. If you are hunger for West Malaysian style Ramlee burger at night, I highly recommend this place to you! This stall is located right in front of Servay Putatan. The most special that this stall has is its "Mix special cheese burger"! Mix means combo of 2 patties (chicken and beef) wrapped up with egg and cheese with lots and lots of sauce! Besides, it also has some other burgers ranging from RM 3 something to RM 6.50.

Mix special cheese burger (RM 6.50).. Typical west Malaysian style with lots of sauce and patties is seasoned with "special" sauce

Though it's quite a distance from KK city center but it's worth to travel far to have this once in a while! You will definitely ask for more once you have your first bite! =p

Enjoy and have a nice weekend! =)

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