Saturday, 22 August 2015

Breakfast at Hi Seoul @ Likas Square, Likas

Hi-Seoul once again and this time is for breakfast. Since the last time that Susan and I had been here, Susan has been aiming for their beef bone soup which is only available for breakfast! It usually take us quite difficult to wake up during the weekend but this time is really unusual. =) And this is really worth for our effort to wake up this early.. 

You can order their pork bone soup or beef bone soup and each comes with either rice, dumplings or noodles. Besides, there are other sets on the menu as well. Since we purposely came here for their beef and pork bone soup, so we had that! Taste is quite plain as it's free from any seasoning but there is quite a strong taste of the beef or pork with added leek. So it's kinda healthy meal to start off our day =)

Very clear beef and pork bone soup with hot green tea.. =)

Total damaged done RM 22.25 including a hot green tea and tax. No doubt that this is one of the best Korean Restaurant in KK.

Enjoy and have a nice weekend...

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