Thursday, 23 July 2015

Hi Seoul @ Likas Square, Likas

I believe many people who are from KK will know this place very well because this Korean Restaurant has been here for many many years. It's very well known for its very good Korean Cuisine at a very affordable price! Hi Seoul is the name. No worries even if you order grilled stuff because they will grill for you and everything served on the table is ready to be eaten! =) When you flipped open the menu, you will realise that most of the items are much cheaper than many other authentic Korean Restaurant. So you will definitely be back after the first time!

While waiting for food to come o.O 

Soft Beancurd Stew with Beef Set (RM 11.00).. This is superb! They are very generous with the ingredients that they put in and it's refillable sides! This is much better than the one in Imago

Spicy Grilled Pork (RM 23.00).. It's a bad choice if you don't like fatty stuff but it's very good if you like it! Marinated very well with its spicy sauce and it's served well with fresh vegetables!

Rice Roll with Pork, Kimbab (RM 9.00).. Something very special about this and it's a MUST try dish on the table.. Never expect that cooked meat goes well with rice roll too! =)

Total damaged done for 2 person including drinks and GST is RM 56,75.. OMG.. It would cost us a boom if we order this amount of food at other Korean Restaurant in KK! Definitely will dine in here again..

Enjoy and have a nice day..

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