Friday, 11 February 2011

Meanings of CNY

I am so freaking tired, I think I need at least 2 or perhaps 3 days sleep to re-energise my whole "battery". What a meet up at Felicia and Serene's houses, but I think Christine would be mad about me. Haha. Hopefully no hard feelings. With such a sudden change of plan, I had tried to make every party to be equally happy. Hopefully I did!

Throughout the past 1 week, I have experienced many types of Chinese New Year joy which never happened in my life before. Poor CNY, lonely CNY, unlucky CNY and perhaps, a thrifty CNY. Whatever a CNY it is, it is nothing more important than family gatherings. The laughter, the harmony, the happiness which all bring meanings to a fruitful CNY celebration. It desn't really matter how much did you get from your "red packet" collection, but it is just a sign of wishes to you. Sometimes it is really worthy to go to church on the first day of CNY. Though the amount in the red packet given by the priest is just about 1 buck, but at least everyone comes from different communities comes and receives it with tremendous joy. And another thing, there is actually no difference in having shark-fins soup or abalone as compared to salted fish with white rice only on the dining table, everyone still have their reunion dinner with joy!

How about the lonely CNY? My buddy who is always left behind by his family members as the parents and uncles and aunties will normally go for holiday on the eve of CNY itself. Then, I knew that he is not a very shy person, that's why I invited him to have lunch at my house during CNY. So is it really a pity to celebrate alone? Here, no family, friends come second and they are really important. But as for you, how do you spend your CNY holiday especially with your family? Back the the money issue, the more money you get, would you be a richer person and be happier as compared to yesterday? Nope, I don't think so. Sometimes the lesser the amount, it may be more sincere the wishes. It is something like receiving 2 bucks indicating you to buy a "packet of seeds", to plant them and grow your own crops with your own efforts but receiving 5 bucks may indicate you to buy a bowl of noodles which is quite a short term relief without any effort.

I still remember watching a news for the past few days, a grandson stabbed his grandpa 20 times because the grandpa didn't want to give a red packet to his 14-years old grandson. This is a bit insane right? Anyway, for those who have not watch "Homecoming" (笑着回家), perhaps you can enjoy this movie with your family. It is really a nice movie.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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