Friday, 18 February 2011

Indeed, It's Truly A New Experience

To me, Cap Goh Mei (marks the end of 15-days CNY) has been a very normal occasion for more than 20 years already. But this year's Cap Goh Mei was really special. Something which I will never forget and I don't think I would experience something like this in near future, perhaps not anymore.

I joined a group of friends and went to this famous Buddiest temple (Tian Hou Gong) in KL last night. The crowd was so huge as early as 6pm, a stage was set up and many performances such as lion dance and dragon dance were held at 8pm onwards. But before the clock struck at 8pm, many, many and many devotees were moving around the compound and praying to different Gods. Definitely, my friends were among the crowd too. At some stations, such as God of Literature, Books and Writing (Weng Chang), God of Love (Yue Love) and God of Wealth, they had some special "returns" if a certain offerings was given. These Gods were some great Gods like what we called as Saints in Catholic faith. Anyway, I just followed them walking around to different stations, crossing the "changing fate" bridge etc.

I even had my first experience in "Qiu Qian". It was something like predicting your future in different aspects e.g. matrimony, wealth, health and so on. Er. I can say that it was quite similar to Tarot cards but they were handled in different way. Interesting right?! Ha-ha. Then there were also places like writing love massages, colourful lanterns display, replica of some world expo buildings etc. When the time approached near 8.30pm, we ended our tour because I was supposedly to get back home for dinner. Hopefully my friends really enjoy too! And also hope that their abundant wishes come true.

This is the fun of being a Malysian where I can really learn many things about different cultures. Though I have my own faith strong within my heart, but this doesn't put a STOP to me from learning other people's culture. So how about you?

Enjoy and have a nice weekend =>

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