Saturday, 26 March 2011


I am back to the futsal court finally after having been missing for 3 weeks in action. My stamina was really bad and I can hardly cope up with the intense game. Anyway, it was a good game, fair play! My team scored more than our oponents.

For the past 1 week, I have learnt something very meaningful. Something which I don't really know how to explain! Different people has different dream to achieve in life. My dream is always to cater myself to everyone around me if possible and make everyone happy as well. Ha-ha. How about yours? I am sure many of us are capable of achieving our goals in life. But unfortunately, I have met the minorities who are unable to achieve what they want to achieve in their life in the hospital.

When I had my very first step into the psychiatric ward, I have already tensed myself up. Can you imagine? You are actually meeting strangers among strangers in the ward. Because when I ask them "Where are your friends in the ward?", they will defintiely asnwer, " I have no friends here because I have no mental disorders at all." See, no point being friends with them. They may eventually forget about you the next day. But one thing that I know is that we must learn how to respect them. As what my preceptor said, "Don't ever pronounce schizophrenia as schizo!" Help them whenever they need help because they God's creature as well, but just the unfortunate one! But the saddest part is that some family members do not want to take the patient back. Anyway, it is not up to me to decide whether it is right or wrong.

Remember! No matter how the people around become in the future, treat them well and don't let them alone. Leaving them alone will make things even worse and you just killing their life off without a purpose.
Enjoy and have a nice weekend!

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