Sunday, 13 March 2011

To Be Naive Or To Trust?

I had quite a good conversion topic with my friends just now. We were just discussing something about future investments. How can you spend your 1 buck and earn back at least 1.5 times in return. Isn't it interesting? As everything in KL is getting more expensive, from houses to lands, cars and even food, everyone is facing this problem because when the price for everything increases, the salary still remain the same. Full stop!

Your life can be interesting when you have a lot of friends. And your life can be more interesting when you are cheated by your friend because of money. Actually, the lesson here is that, don't ever become a guarantor for your friends even though both of you are really close to each other. I have really heard many news about this and I think that everyone should really consider this seriously. When you say, I can become a guarantor for my friend because of trust. So I can say that very likely that you will become the person who pays back their loan. When it comes to money matter, you should trust no one unless you are filthy rich and you have no place to spend your money.

As you grow older, you must always realise that the society is actually a very realistic community. You can't survive without a single cent. Some people just don't mind to lose a friend because of their own benefit because they think that they can find back a friend to replace back. Just a real life example, XXX have to mortgage his house because of trusting his friend too much. I have heard that the debt is simply unbearable and he is now facing financial problems because he can't find a way to pay back his friend's debt to the bank. He might lose his house if he can't find a solution to it. As simple as that! Anyway, it is up to you to be naive (to trust) or not to trust when it comes to this kind of situations. The consequences may be as bad as what I have described.

A lesson is for you to learn and share!

Enjoy and have a nice day!

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