Thursday, 2 April 2009

"She Sells SeaShells on the SeaShore.."

I am wondering why do i get lost everytime when I go out with my friends even when I am not the driver. It is being like a trend for every outings with my U'mates. lolzz.. As for yesterday, my friends and I actually went to Kuchai Lama which I haven't been there before for lunch. As what I said, we lost our way there and nearly lost our way back also. See, this is how my lunch break extended from 1hour to nearly 2hours. But at least the nice lunch pays a good price to it and make my money worth. So, I really hope that I will have better sense of direction to my destination next time...

I am back in form finally.. After being confused and got into thinking mode for so many days even in classes, I finally have made myself clear with so many things. From troubleless to trouble then to troubles, troubleful and burdens, and now it seems that everything is a happy thing. Utilitarianism... Happy ending!! But all this mood was killed off after a Domino's pizza delivery motorcycle wrecked my wing mirror while i was driving back from U. Before I could even turned back and see the number plate, that fellow already flew far out of my sight. I am not frustrated because of he hitting my wing mirror, but it's because he didn't have the thought to apologise. Is this what we call civilisation? Or is that fellow didnt even realise that he hit my wing mirror? He is really testing my patience..

It's going to be a historically moment for my country again. Pak Lah is retiring and his successor which is his present deputy will be taking over his place as the 6th Prime Minister. I really hope that he can really make a difference in the society so that it can be more civilised rather than bing materialistic all the time. If you ask me from my point of view, I think the first lesson should be learning how to apologise and say 'thank you'. Anyway, I can only pray hard, wish hard and have high hopes on the future PM. Too bad that it is not a public holiday tomorrow.

Hye, I am not sure whether you guys still remember the question that I gave in my few blogs back. Ok, anyway the answer is so that the claypot doesn't crack. From the title of this blog, I think you should know that it a tougue twister. And this is the continuity ".... The shells she sells are surely seashells; So if she sells shells on the seashore, I'm sure she sells seashore shells." Try this, it's fun!!

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

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