Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Class Rep n' Kam Hong's B'day Celebration..

So fast it's April already and my friends and I (total 18 of us) celebrated Han Boon and Kam Hong's birthday which actually falls on 17th and 15th respectively. After a tiring aseptic quiz and classes in the morning, we went to Italiannies in The Gardens to celebrate their birthday. Luckily we didn't lost our way there this time and so happen that my group was the first to arrive.. Lolzz..

Ok, this was my first time there and we enjoyed a lot. Overall, what I can say that "Nice food, nice ambiance and wonderful services". (though it's not worth paying the service charge) lolzz... Many of my friends actually ordered personal sets but 5 of us shared and called 3items. 1pasta, 1salmon pizza and 1fried calamari.. Oh, gosh.. The appetizer came last but it tasted much better than the pasta. As for the pizza, I felt that it is much worthy compared to Domino's or Pizza Hut's pizza. There is a strip of salmon across each slices of the pizza with 2pieces of cheese at the bottom of the salmon, added with chille flakes and Tobasco, Perfect! I know I am going to get killed if I go on more and more. =p
The Girls of 18
The Guys of 18

Then we had the singing of birthday songs for the birthday birdees. It was quite creative that we didn't have any cakes for them but instead we have donuts for them. Too bad that we can't practise our traditions on them because the donuts were not tall enough. So what we can do was we pushed the candle in side-ways and called them to blow the candle one-by-one without getting the neighbouring candles blew off. They were too lucky as the tasks were too easy for them.. -.-" lolzz..
After having lunch, we went for a movie "Coming Soon". Thai's horror movies are always better than the Koreans or the Japanese's one. Then here came to an end for the day. I was so exhausted, too tired to think and get to bed after bath. I think it was the same for others.. Btw, I just realise that I have 2othersfriend with my cousin brother have their birthday on the same day. lolzz.. Happy b'day to Han Boon, Kam Hong, Min Lu, Nicholas and Kenny.
Enjoy and have a nice day..

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