Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Georg Peck @ Marketplace 88, KK

Looking for another chilling out place in KK, Sabah? Why not try Georg Peck at Marketplace 88! The concept of the shop is almost the same like Chatime and Gongcha but this has something different from others which is their waffles!!!! If you Google about this shop on the internet, they have some other branches in KL but this is their very first branch in KK. Price wise is almost the same but the quality of the coffee is better! =)

Georg Peck at Marketplace 88! Quite hidden from the main road.. 

House Brewed Coffee and Mango with Honey Ice Blended (each RM 5.90).. The coffee was good and above my expectation! 

Props for you to have fun before your food is served! =p 

 Chocolate Temptation (RM 11.90).. The waffle is not that crispy but it's much better as compared to many other places! Very nice presentation and served with marshmallow..

Enjoy and have a nice day! Time for GST!!!! =)

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