Saturday, 21 January 2017

Kang San Ea Korean Restaurant @ Ampang Avenue, Selangor

Whenever I thought of having Korean food in KL, I would always think of Korean restaurants at "Korean Village" Ampang. This is because they never fail to impress their authenticity of their local cuisine to their customers! High expectations are always met.

As for this time, my family and I just hopped into this traditional style Korean restaurant, Kang San Ea. I presumed this restaurant has been here for years! It was really a warm welcome by the staff and the 2 Korean aunties when we stepped into the restaurant. As for the menu, it's similar to any other Korean restaurants, so it was quite simple to choose!

At the front of the shop... Hard to miss them as you can find the K-pop stars on their glass panels!

 Refillable side dishes.. Simple and nice...

Kimchi Stew.. Though my appetite was really bad that day, luckily I have this to open it up! So this was my soup of the day.. =) 

Tteokbokki (Korean glutenous rice cake) with seafood. It was not too salty and it has the authentic Korean taste which I had in those Korean restaurant in KK  

Grilled Pork Belly.. Readily grilled for us.. Good for us as we were always lazy to grill ourselves and no oily smoke for us! =) 

Korean pancake.. The portion was big and luckily we had 6 of us because it won't taste good if you have this too much! One slide was just nice.. 

Beef Stew.. The beef was so so so soft and the texture was just nice, good for the old folks.. If you are alone, you can just order this with a bowl of rice and that's it! =)

 Another grilled marinated pork but I prefer the plain grilled pork belly

Total damage done was about RM 150 including green tea for 6 person. The price was reasonable for 6 person and there will always be next time!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend. =)

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