Saturday, 15 April 2017

Sabandar Leisure Rides @ Tuaran, Sabah

Curious about Sabah's mini cowboy town? Why not spend a half day to travel to this place and walk about! Sabandar Leisure Rides is just about 12 km away from Tuaran town and almost 1 hour drive from KK city center. You can use Google Map to get to this place because it's quite a distance from the main road and there's no sign board from the main road unless you reach within few km from this mini town! If you don't have any GPS, follow along Jalan Sulaman until you reach a roundabout with horses then that's mean you are on the right track!

It's just a very small area which has a horse stable and a row of shops with a restaurant. Activities which you can go for are the horse feeding and riding (with a minimum fee)! I guess it's a very interesting place for the small kids. =)

Sign board before reaching the entrance 

The entrance to the small town 

 Horse stable with the names of the horse! Too bad that there is no Susan and Kevin! =p

The toilet and the row of shops... 

You can get a bunch of grass with just RM 2 to feed the horse and take pictures with them.. 

The juniors! 

Display of antique cars.. 

Place for horse riding.. Pay a minimum fee to a ride! 

Good bye and see you again! =) 

You will reach a beach if you drive further down (about 3 minutes drive) and you can see horses and cows along the beach. You can even bring your stuff to picnic under the tree. There's also some stalls along the well-maintained beautiful beach! Spend some time there and get a fresh coconut drink! =)

The horses are sun-bathing! 

After visiting the beach, we were hungry and we got to Tuaran town for lunch at Tuaran Mee Restaurant before heading back to KK! 

Tuaran Mee Goreng Special Tambah Mee (RM 11).. One plate to serve two! Very big portion..

Recommended nearby place to visit: Crocodile Farm and Rasa Ria Resort at Tuaran, Rumah Terbalik and Tamparuli hanging bridge at Tamparuli or Kelapa Punding at Jalan Norowot.

Enjoy and have a nice weekend!

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